Actions you can take

Challenge Amey over data protection (Any Supporter can do this)

For a long time Amey and its employees/sub-contractors have been photographing and making video recordings of the public during felling activities. They may be doing so during other works across the city so any citizen could be unwittingly on their records.

We have reason to believe that they are not properly registered under data protection law, in any even each of us has the right to request copies of any data about us that they hold.

So here is a letter you can print off and send to Amey to question them about this.
Citizens Letter to Amey about data held

Paper letters have maximum impact and create more work for Amey, but if you prefer to do digital you can copy and paste the letter text into the Amey feedback form:

If you do it, keep a copy and (if you wish) you can let us know that you’ve done it by completing this short online form. We can use the information that you provide to coordinate follow up actions, we won’t use it for any other purpose or take action in your name without your explicit permission.