Leaflets and Posters

Dalton Thumbnail.jpgIan Dalton’s ‘Nuisance Trees’ Leaflet
Leaflet produced by Fran Halsall , Ian Dalton and others to help inform householders who are worried about the trees near their houses.



StopSpin cover.png
Stop The Spin Leaflet
Leaflet produced by Chris Rust & Fran Halsall for the ‘Stop the Spin’ event on Saturday 25 February. The leaflet lists 6 common misleading stories from Sheffield City Council.

Spin Background thumb.png
Stop The Spin Background Information

More information about the 6 misleading stories described in the ‘Stop the Spin’ leaflet


Treefaq thumbnail.png
Tree FAQ Leaflet
Leaflet produced by ‘Cherry Picker’ and Fran Halsall as an aid to discussions with sceptical residents.

street leaflet thumbStreet Campaign Leaflet and Poster
This is a very useful simple poster to get your street campaign started. It’s a Powerpoint file, designed to be printed on both sides of an A4 sheet and cut in half to make two leaflet/posters.

Edit it to show the name of your street on the poster side, the condemned tree numbers for your street, the name of your local campaign Facebook group and the name and phone number of your local contact on the leaflet side, put them through every letterbox on the street and then come back a day later to see who has put them up.

Then you know who your friends are and you can start talking to them.

STAG PosterSimple Window Poster

Just the STAG Logo and “Save our Street Trees”