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In January 2019 the STAG/Amey joint tree investigations started. This is a new programme of examining previously condemned trees to identify ways that they can be retained, for example by careful work to replace displaced kerbstones.

Amey have invited tree campaigners and especially local residents to come along and observe the work and discuss the solutions that are being considered. This is a great step forward for out campaign.

Amey requested that anyone who is likely to be in the roadway during these works should wear high visibility clothing, and anyone who might enter the workzone to take a closer look, should wear Hi Viz and a hard hat. Safety glasses and safety boots are also recommended when machinery is in use or heavy items, like kerb stones being moved.

STAG have adopted pink Hi Viz because it was very distinct from the yellow or orange worn by Amey workers and also because it’s fun. The STAG inspection team have become known as the Pink Panthers. If you would like your own pink Hi Viz outfit you can buy one here. A small profit is made which will go to the STAG fighting fund. We will try to ensure that we have some pink vests with us at inspection sites for anyone there to help with the inspection but it’s great to have a strong pink presence. Like the photo below. It shows we are not going away.

Buy STAG Hi-Viz Vests or Hard Hats

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