Tree Action Group areas now showing

map areas crop.png

I’ve added the nine active street tree action groups to the map, at the moment the boundaries are my guesswork but I’m expecting members of the groups to let me know soon if I’ve got any wrong.

There are some trees outside these areas so I hope some groups may decide to adopt other areas, but it’s encouraging that the great majority of trees across the city now have people prepared to defend them. So much for the argument that tree campaigners are just a bunch of NIMBYs in a privileged corner of the city. It was never that of course.

Phase 10 entries updated

The most recent (Phase 10) lists of condemned trees now have full details on their map entries, showing location, tree species, reasons for felling and replacement species.

There’s still work to do on missing earlier lists and updating entries to show the latest ITP poll results.

Map Completely Updated

As the previous map was no longer relevant to current activity in Streets Ahead and a lot of the data was out of date or incorrect, it has been replaced by a more accurate and complete map of all trees scheduled for felling in 2016. This is drawn from the tree consultation data sent to Sheffield Residents and is much more precise.

Tree Protection Orders added

The green trees on the map indicate Sheffield City Council’s (SCC’s) Tree Protection Orders (TPOs), mostly trees on private land that can’t be felled without planning permission.

Unfortunately that data on the SCC website is very vague and it’s not possible to pinpoint most of the tree locations accurately on the map, but this layer of the map gives a general picture of the protected trees across the city.

At present it shows around 25% of the TPOs, it’s time consuming to convert the data to a suitable format as the text does not follow a consistent format so every TPO must be scrutinised and chopped up manually.