Frequently Asked Questions

And things you may need to know
if you want to help save our street trees in Sheffield

How to Recognise Tree Fellers
Hint: They don’t look like this guy.

There are many workers and their vehicles on our streets, most of them are nothing to do with tree felling. So it’s important to know what to look for.

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How to Write to Your Elected Representatives will put you in  touch with Councillors and MPs, just tell them your postcode.

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Where do I sign? Petitions by Sheffield Tree Protection Groups

You can sign these online, or find out more .

problem roots
Can we sort out those tree roots affecting the pavement?

A really useful article from an organisation offering professional development to Landscape Architects and others.

Brincliffe Gardens  cropped
Do Street Trees affect my health

An avenue of trees outside your house can give you the health of somebody 7 years younger. Scientists have proved it.

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What’s the Value of Our Trees in Sheffield?

Horticulture Week journal has the answer
(Of course it’s not just about money but this is useful)

Removal of Sheffield Street Trees   Sheffield Wildlife Trust.png
Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust statement on Street Trees
A very comprehensive statement and guidance for the public, essential reading if you want to understand our case.

What are those pesky tree roots doing under my house?
Excellent guidance from the Arboricultural Advisory and Information Service.

Why should we keep big old (healthy) trees? 
It’s not just because we love them. They are proven survivors, not like new plantings.